Walking the Overland Track is a life changing experience. You will meet some amazing people, explore wild country and enjoy spectacular scenery.
You want to remember it for all the right reasons, so let’s prepare well and thrive on track.

Walking the Overland Track is not rocket science, but you will need to be well prepared and have the right gear. You will also have more fun if you eat well and are fit enough. The more prepared you are the more you will be able to relax and enjoy your time on the track.

Eat Well

Eating yummy meals, whilst reflecting on the day or laughing with new friends can be some of the most memorable parts of any adventure.


Pack well

You have to carry everything you will need for the entire journey, but you don’t need all the gadgets, lets keep packs light as possible. You need good gear, not expensive gear

Plan well

Planning can be half the fun, but don’t get lost in the process. There is lots to think about but we have checklists and tips to help you along the way.

Download the App

Have all this information, offline maps, terrain profiles on your phone. Helpful for planning and whilst on track. The app is designed to help you get the infromation you need quickly, then put your phone away to enjoy nature as intended.