The Overland Track (Waterfall Valley Closed)

During the Summer of 2019/2020 Parks Tasmania are closing the facilities at Waterfall Valley to upgrade them, so the first two sections have changed for this time. The Overland Track is one of Australia's most recognisable and classic tracks - a once in a lifetime must-do walk for all keen bushwalkers.

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Ronny Creek to Lake Rodway
10.5 km oneway
4h → 6h
Walk from Ronny Creek to Lake Rodway (Scott-Kilvert Hut and camping area). During Summer 2019/20 this is the recommended first leg of the Overland Track whilst Waterfall Valley Hut and area is upgraded. Start from the bus stop and car park at Ronny Creek, then wander for a few hundred meters through the buttongrass plains beside Ronny Creek. After this the uphill starts, it is very steep in places, take your time and enjoy the views. You will pass Crater Falls in a lovely rainforest before emerging at the mouth of the glacier-carved Crater Lake. The climbing continues up from here, with chains to assist one short rock scramble up to Marion's Lookout and the amazing views over Dove Lake. Continue along the Overland Track to Kitchen Hut (a great lunch spot) where there is the potential side trip to Cradle Mountain. The Overland Track then continues 'behind' Cradle Mountain before then deviates from the spine of the Overland Track by turn left to head down to Lake Rodway. Follow the steep track downhill to find the Hut and camping areas not far from the shores of the lake.

Lake Rodway to Windermere
12 km oneway
4h → 6h
Walk from Lake Rodway to Windermere along the Overland Track. Today starts by climbing the 300 vertical meters back up to the main spine of the Overland Track, take your time and turn around to enjoy the views over Lake Rodway. Then you walk along the ridge to find the intersection with the Barn Bluff Track (options side trip in fine weather). Here we turn left and walk steeply down into the majestic Waterfall Valley. The hut, toilets and campsites are closed during the summer of 2019/2020. Continue through the mostly open alpine country with many tarns and there is an optional side trip to Lake Will. There is a small beach at Lake Will and another opportunity for a swim at Lake Windermere. The hut and camping area is not far past the lake, perched on the side of the hill.

Windermere to Pelion
15.2 km oneway
5h → 7h
Starting from Lake Windermere, the first part of the walk will take you through buttongrass plains. You can take your first side trip here to the Forth Valley Lookout with great views over the valley. When crossing Pelion Creek you'll start your decent through myrtle-beech rainforest to reach the Frog Flats - the Overland Track's lowest section at 730m above sea level. There's a campsite just after crossing the Forth River at Frog Flats, if you decide to stay here. Otherwise continue your way up through rainforest and eucalypt forest to come to the New Pelion Hut. You can take a side trip to the Old Pelion hut, just a few hundred meters before the new one.

Pelion to Kia Ora
8.5 km oneway
3h → 4h
Starting from Pelion Hut this walk gently climbs through the rainforest to Pelion Gap plateau with some very short side trips to some lovely cascades. If you have spare time and favourable weather you can opt for the side trip to Mt Ossa or Mt Pelion East. From the gap wander down through Pinestone Valley with stunning views of Cathedral Mountain to your left, before reaching the peaceful and sheltered Kia Ora hut, camping area and cascades.

Kia Ora to Windy Ridge
9.5 km oneway
3h 30 min → 4h 30 min
Starting from Kia Ora Hut and the bubbling cascades you will explore the dense rainforest as you want to the historic Du Cane Hut. Not too far past the Du Cane Hut you a very worthwhile side trips to D’Alton, Fergusson and Hartnett Falls. These are spectacular waterfalls in the dense rainforest and a great place for lunch. Then the track climbs up towards Du Cane Gap and then steeply leads down to the large Bert Nichols Hut and camping area at Windy Ridge.

Windy Ridge to Narcissus
10 km oneway
3h → 4h
Starting from Windy Ridge this walk gently descents through the open eucalypt forest and buttongrass plains, following the Narcissus River valley. After about 5km you pass the signposted intersection with the Pine Valley Track. The walk continues along the valley floor crossing the only swing bridge on the main spine of the Overland Track before coming to Narcissus Hut and camping area. Narcissus Hut is a short walk from the northern tip of Lake St Clair and the ferry jetty.

Narcissus to Cynthia Bay
16.7 km oneway
5h → 6h
Starting from Narcissus Hut this walk leads you across the swampy Hamilton Plains and then through a mix of dry tall forest and rainforest to Echo Point Hut, located next to Lake St Clair, with a few spots along the way to access the lake. You can spend an extra night at Echo Point or continue to walk for a few more hours to reach Cynthia Bay, the end of the Overland Track. This section of the Overland Track is dominated by giant trees and occasional lake vistas. Enjoy a burger and a cold drink after signing the logbook for one last time.