Tips from fellow walkers

We all learn something new every trip. Advice is often specific to people's personal experiences, however tips give a helpful opportunity to reflect on what will work for you. Some tips will contradict other tips; this tends to suggest that some areas have no generalisable 'correct' answer. This is most evident with trekking poles, consider that people are passionate about the subject and work out what's going to best for you and your friends.

Here are the common tips that you hear...

Take food you enjoy, plan a good menu. ?
u003cpu003eNothing worse seeing people eating steak and salami while you eat your bagged tuna and beans.u003c/pu003e
Don't take trekking poles - they are a pain. ?
u003cpu003eThe value of trekking poles is a personal thing. If you use and like trekking poles then take them. If you like them now, you will love them on the track. u003cbru003eRemember that people have walked the earth for a long time without them. If you don't like walking with poles then feel no pressure to take them. If you are not used to walking with trekking poles, they can easily cause wrist and hand injuries if you start using them on a long walk for the first time.u003c/pu003e
Careful camping on grassy areas, lower areas do flood. ?
u003cpu003eI have seen the creek overflow and flood the whole grassy area.u003c/pu003e
If going into Pine Valley, allow time for a side trip. ?
u003cpu003eIt is a nice walk to the hut, but you’re in a rainforest most of the time. The only view at the hut is from down at the helicopter platform.u003c/pu003e
Pre tape your toes (and hot spots) ?
Carry loo paper in a snaplock bag, with some hand gel ?
u003cpu003eThis makes trekking to the loo easier, especially in the wet (and no setting loo paper onto the ground - stays in a dry bag).u003c/pu003e
Don't catch the ferry, walk the lake. ?
u003cpu003eYou rush, rush, rush, cause you're scared you'll miss it.u003c/pu003e
The huts are for everyone - share. ?
u003cpu003ePlease move all your cooking gear off the tables and clean the table when you are finished cooking. Please don't sit around chatting and taking up seating space if there are clearly people who haven't eaten. Please be considerate of others. u003c/pu003e