FAQ on the OLT


Traveling with others

How can I find a walking companion?
How do I find people to share a ride with or do a car shuttle?


When should I book my track permit?

Phone reception

What is the phone reception like on the track?

Travel insurance

Should I bother with travel insurance?

Level of fitness

How fit do I need to be?


What is the best itinerary - side trips/number of days?
When is the best time to walk?

Signage on track

How well signposted is the track?

Side trips

Should I walk Lake St Clair or catch the ferry?
Should I do the side trip to Pine Valley?
Has anyone done Cradle summit and Barn Bluff in one day?
If I had to choose one, do I do Mt Oakleigh, Mt Ossa or Mt Pelion East?


Is there water at all the campsites?

Transport and accomodation

Where to find info on Dove Lake Road closures?
How do I book transport and accommodation if I don't know how long the walk will take?
Any tips on transport from Lake St Clair back to Cradle Mountain to grab our car?
The ferry is booked out, what do I do?
Where is the best place to stay before the walk?
How do I get to the start of the walk?
Do I need to drive on dirt roads to either end of the track?
How big are the tent platforms?
I am a nervous about carrying all my gear, hints?

Supported walking group

I have a chronic injury/illness and can't carry a full pack. Can I still walk the track?


How bad are the March flies?


How many kJ do I need a day?
Can I bring my own food to Tasmania?
What sould I eat? I don't want to get bored or hungry.
I am walking with a guide, Do I also need to bring XYZ?


Should I carry hiking poles?